Kalahari Reds

Kalahari1Albie Horn of the farm Hartebeeshoek in the De Aar region in the Republic of South Africa is one of the most successful breeders of Kalahari Reds in the country.

His goats have won nearly all the prestigeous awards at the recent South African championships. Albie is also a member of the South African Stud Book Association.

Most authorities regard the Kalahari Red as a distinctive and genetically seperate goat breed. This breed, which is 100% pigmented, is to a lesser extent influenced by artificial selection.


Kalahari2The Kalahari Red is bred for meat purposes. When compared with other animals bred for the same purpose, this goat breed reveals unique qualities.

Apart from the fact that its meat is nutritious and has a nice texture, it contains a higher amount of iron than any of its rivals.

The protein content matches that of beef, while only chicken has less kilojoules. The meat of these goats also contain the least fat and saturated fat.


Junior Champion Ram and Reserve Junior Champion Ram Junior Champion Ewe and Reserve Junior Champion Ewe SA Grand Champion 1998

Several aspects contribute to the fact that the Kalahari Red is synonymous with easy care. The earthy colour of the goats make them less visible to predators.

They are very mobile and adapt easily to various habitats. These goats display a wide-ranging grazing capability and can feed on a seperate spectrum of plants than sheep for example.

Kalahari Reds reveal a strong mothering instinct and consequently take good care of their young. These animals also show strong resistance to internal and external parasites.