Embryo Plus has the capability and facilities to export semen from South Africa. We have exported semen to a wide range of countries in the past and our expertise in the handling of semen exports is unmatched in South Africa. We are able to provide semen from bulls of a wide range of beef breeds to suit your every breeding need. For a full list of A.I. bulls available check the SEMEN section of this site or contact us to find out more.



Embryo Plus has exported embryos successfully to many countries, for example the existance of the Bonsmara breed in South America and Australia is due to exports from Embryo Plus. Also R.A.W.F. champion Simmentaler bulls in Canada were exported as embryos from South Africa by Embryo Plus and top price selling Angus embryos at the World Angus Auction in 2005, all exported by Embryo Plus. Top class genetics exported with top class service. Contact us to find out how we can assist you with the whole process from embryo flushing, documentation and export to your client abroad.



Embryo Plus has excellent facilities including an approved quarantine centre for animals to bring their quarantine period through before export. We always have staff on duty to ensure animals are well looked after during their time in centre and to ensure everything is done strictly according to the rules for export and quarantine. Contact us to find out more.